woman laying on a summit rock
woman laying on a summit rock
The author, briefly triumphant on a summit during the hike on which this conversation took place

From: Muscles

To: The Team

Way to go, team! Everybody really did a great job yesterday, humping in to Elk Pass and then going out to bag Colvin in the afternoon without batting an eye. You came through so strong and everyone is working together like pros. Today’s hike out over Nippletop and Dial is going to be no problem.

Enjoy the beautiful alpine scenery!

From: Joints

To: Muscles

We appreciate your enthusiasm but would like to remind you that it’s not all as easy as you make it sound. You may be able to ignore our age, but for the Joints no amount of going to the gym can compensate for the fact that we are more than a half century old. These “team” outings really are hell on some of us. When are we going to modify our activity and act our age? …


Dorothee Benz

Writer | Organizer | Strategist. I love mountains & hate capitalism. #ResistanceIsHoly she/her/hers

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